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V-Shape Threads

V-shape threading is a treatment that involves inserting ultra-fine collagen-stimulating threads beneath the skin and pulling them to tighten the skin. Left in place, they will continue to promote the growth of collagen and elastin so that over time, there is ongoing youthful effects.

Also known as V-shape chin or V-shape face lifting, this treatment will enhance the jawline and facial contours, promote circulation at a deep dermal level, and give smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Results from the initial treatment should last for at least one to two years, with subsequent treatments lasting up to five years.

V-shape lift threading is:

  • Highly effective with minimal downtime

  • Cheaper than a traditional surgical face lift

  • Fast, less than an hour to complete

  • A procedure with low risk and minimal complications

V-shape face lifting is suitable for those wanting to:

  • Reduce sagging jowls or cheeks

  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles

  • Decrease laughter, frown, or concentration lines

  • Contour the face and jaw

  • Have a nonsurgical face lift

V-Shape Threads

Recommended for following conditions

Book an initial consultation for $100 (1 hour) to create a tailored treatment plan for your skin needs and budget.

Disclaimer: Book your initial consultation with a qualified esthetician now to have your skin concerns assessed. Results may vary, depending on the individual. Primavera Clinic can consult with you to confirm if this treatment is right for you.

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