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About Primavera Clinic

Welcome to Primavera - the aesthetic medical clinic for rejuvenation and minor skin condition treatments with a doctor-led approach.

At Primavera we don’t offer an instant change but promise to work with you consistently, and systematically and commit to helping you if you want to help yourself. 


Whether you are looking for skin condition therapy or aesthetical treatment, our approach is to consider your anatomy, physiology and even background ethnicity before offering a medical or cosmeceutical course.


If you want to change your life, look younger and feel happier visit our Primavera Clinic.

Our mission

We stay up to date with the latest innovative treatments in skincare and bring new aesthetic practices to Australia. 


Every woman wants to feel confident and look younger at any age. If you suffer from a long-term minor skin condition or follow new trends in beauty technology and know exactly what you want for your skin, you need to commit to a new you.  


At Primavera we offer a detailed consultation and diagnosis for the most appropriate skin treatments to improve your face and body, changing your life and lifting your self-esteem.  

Meet Dr. Sabina

Dr Sabina Eliseeva - MD, FACRRM, FACAM, physician and GP, has been practicing medicine since 2001. 


Her areas of interest are medicine , dermatology and aesthetic medicine and she invites you to a new world of beauty and a new you. 


Australia seems to always be behind in beauty compared to the rest of the world. Sabina studied and practiced as an aesthetic physician in Europe and now shares and implements the new aesthetic practice approaches in beauty care in Mackay and Brisbane.


She regularly travels abroad, attends beauticians’ conferences and continually improves her skills by learning new techniques and finding innovative products. So you can be confident you’re receiving the latest treatments when attending a Primavera Clinic or using our home-use products

When Sabina is not at work you might find her reading and exploring the world of aging medicine or looking after bee hives and chickens.

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